XC Ski Trail

Monday 1/8/2018

Grooming Report #3

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway today. We would rate conditions at 8 out 10. We could have used a little more fresh snow to work with in some sections of the Pathway. With all the wind that we have had lately there are quite a few leaves in the track. We groomed the Big Kahuna and the Neiss (between #5 and #8) sections today. We did not groom the bypasses for these two sections, as they are very skiable.

We appreciate the assistance from Dave Mackey and his class.

Jerry and Roger

Wednesday 1/3/2018

Grooming Report #2

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway this morning. We had quite a bit of snow to work with and we would rate conditions at 9 out of 10. The snow had a fairly dry texture and that usually brings into question how well it will hold up. The last snow that we groomed was similar in texture and it held up very well. We think the Big Kahuna bypass came out better this time and it includes a suggested adjustment from fellow skier, Dave Foley.

Our thanks to Dave Mackey and his Career Tech students for getting our grooming equipment out and ready to groom.

So, get your cross-country skis out and enjoy this wonderful trail. Roger

Thursday 12/14/2017

 Grooming Report #1

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway today. The groomed trail actually turned out very nice. We would probably rate conditions at 8 out 10. We questioned a skier and he said conditions were no less than a 9. The groomer hit a few tree roots, but there seems to be plenty of snow. The snow is fairly dry so it may not hold up real well.

We did not groom the Big Kahuna, but we did groom the alternate path thru this section. We did not get the track exactly right through this alternate path and we should be able to improve that a little next time.

Our thanks to Dave Mackey for his assistance. Dave just happened to be working in his classroom on a snow day.

 Thursday 3/2/17

Grooming Report #7
John and I groomed the Pathway today. We could have used more snow to work with, but we cleared brush and set the track. Skiing conditions are rated at 5 out of 10. Needless to say the track set is not very deep and non-existent in some places. We will have to have a heavier snowfall to try it again and we are into March. It seems to take at least 6 inches of snow to get a nice track.
Special thanks again to Dave , Ken and the students for helping us get underway

Thursday 2/9/17

Grooming Report #6

Scott, Steve, and I groomed the Pathway today. We used two snowmobiles and one groomer. We used a new snowmobile today that was made available between the Cadillac Rotary Club, Bear Claw Epic Mountain Bike Race and Yamaha for our use in grooming the Cadillac Pathway. It is bigger than the one we were using, so, in order to use it, we had to have the trail widened in places.

This trail is a State of Michigan owned trail, so it is very appropriate that Scott Slavin from our DNR accompany us and cut down the trees that were impediments. Scott is a XC skier with XC trail maintenance experience and it was very nice to have him join us on the Pathway today.

There is more to do, but for the duration of this season this is probably all the remodeling that we will do. Steve and I pulled the groomer with the older snow mobile and helped stack brush where needed.

Skiing conditions are probably better than the were, but a 4 out of 10 is probably fair. There is a track in most places, but it is not that deep track that we are accustomed to. I tried skiing the Pathway prior to our grooming and it was way too fast for me. We need some fresh snow to improve conditions.

We would like to thank Dave, Ken, and their students for their efforts in getting two snow mobiles and a groomer out and ready for our use. Steve and Roger

Wednesday 2/1/17

Grooming Report #5

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway this morning. “It may be as good as it gets this year skiers.” We would probably rate conditions at 9 out of 10. It’s still a little thin in the pines at the Clam River end of the trail. I skied those sections with the pine trees and they are pretty good, but they may not hold up quite as well as other sections. We did groom the Big Kahuna and its bypass. We are grooming the Neiss bypass near #5 and we probably will not groom the original section this season. Enjoy.

Our thanks again to Dave, Ken, and their crew for helping us make this happen.

 FRIDAY 1/27/2017

Grooming Report #4
Steve and I groomed the Pathway this morning. We could have used a little more snow to work with in the pine tree sections, but it turned out pretty good. The heavy wet snow did bring quite a few limbs down, but we were able to move all of them out of the trail without using a chainsaw. We did groom both the Big Kahuna and the Big Kahuna by-pass.
We encountered a couple of skiers today who had been skiing ungroomed snow and then they had a chance to ski our groomed snow. I asked one of the skiers to rate our groomed trail on a scale of 1 to 10 and he gave it an 11. “So there you have it, and he was from Utah.” We would rate our groomed skiing conditions at 7 or 8. The snow is a little thin in the pines.
I encountered a couple with three dogs about to come on to our groomed cross-country trail and it turned out to be an ideal time to introduce them to the Winter Sports Trail. They saw the red no biking and no snowshoeing signs but they did not see any no hiking or no dog signs. So, apparently they thought it was okay to ski the cross-country trail. There was also a skier and his/her dog on the groomed cross-country trail. Please politely encourage these folks to use the Winter Sports Trail, if you see them.
Our thanks to Dave Mackey and his crew for helping to make this possible. Steve and Roger

THURSDAY 1/26/2017

We actually did not groom the Pathway today. We were advised not to as the snow was wet and sticky. Perhaps you can imagine packing wet snow and then having the track freeze tight. We are planning on grooming tomorrow. Check the grooming report tomorrow if you want to see how it turns out. I skied a couple of miles of the ungroomed trail today and I would rate the track at 2 or 3 out of 10. Roger

THURSDAY 1/12/2017

Grooming Report #3

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway this morning. It’s been a long time since we last groomed and that is because of weather conditions. We just did not have enough snow to work with. We were not real optimistic this morning after all that rain earlier in the week. To make matters more complicated we had a lot of trees, or portions of trees, to remove today. We even got stuck as one of those downed trees was on the way up a hill.
We are rating conditions at 8 or even a little better. It was actually snowing as we groomed and that gave us a track that was not icy. I skied the 3.5 mile loop down by the Clam River and it was excellent. We groomed the Big Kahuna rather than it’s bypass today as we were a little worried about getting stuck. We groomed the bypass (Neiss) near milepost #5. We got stuck between #5 and #8 and the track is slightly messed up there. There will be a few small limbs in the track that perhaps you can remove as you ski. It’s good by the river again.
Dave, Ken, and their crew helped get us out on the trail this morning and we appreciate their help.
If you are relatively new to the Pathway and come on the Pathway at the Clam River end of the trail perhaps you have noticed a couple of banners. This is because we have a new second trail for winter sports enthusiasts. Its called the Winter Sports Trail and it is groomed for hikers, fat tire bikers, snow shoeing, hikers with dogs, etc. The thought behind this is a trail for classic cross-country skiers, and a second trail for other winter sports activities. A biker told me that he rode the entire Winter Sports Trail on his fat tire bike and it took him about two hours. Perhaps you could do a double or triple activity. I spoke with a fellow from Chicago who had just skied a small loop near the Clam River and he was about to get on his fat tire bike and take a short ride. Kudos to the people who laid this trail out and to the groomers of this trail as they are also volunteers.
Jerry and Roger

THURSDAY 1/12/2017

The XC ski groomers had every intention of grooming early this week however mother nature has gotten in the way.  With the colder temps expected today and tomorrow they hope to get out and groom for some fresh tracks this weekend.  Stay tuned for further updates.

FRIDAY 1/6/2017

Happy New Year from the Cadillac Pathway!  As you can see we have not groomed in a while due to not enough new snow has been received.  Our current equipment sets a 2 inch plus track and with our current base if we groom we would do more damage then good.  Who wants to ski in dirt…. right?

We hope to do a fresh groom by early next week.  However the trail is still skiable.  People are out skiing and keeping it manually groomed.  So bundle up, grab those skinny boards, open those heater packs to keep those toes and hands warm and get out and ENJOY!  See you on the TRAILS.  🙂

FRIDAY 12/20/16

XC Ski Update – Received 1-2 inches of new snow over night. This should help with covering up the pine needles and icy spots. It hasn’t been groomed since Tuesday 12/20 but people are still out skiing and keeping the tracks manually groomed.

Grab your skinny boards and get out and explore our trail system.

Please refrain from walking or snow shoeing on the groomed XC ski trail. Please use the Winter Sports Trail or walk next to the groomed tracks. Let’s make this a trail usable and enjoyable for all.

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TUESDAY 12/20/16

Cadillac Pathway XC Ski Grooming Report #2 12/20/16
Jerry and I groomed the Pathway this morning. The new snow has made skiing conditions even better. We would rate conditions at 9 out of 10. With the wind there are leaves in portions of the track and that keeps us from a 10 rating. We buried many of the leaves with the groomer, but there still is wind and that means more leaves. The snow is dry and soft.
The  “Big Kahuna” and Neiss’s bypass were groomed. We also opened up a new stretch of trail between #8 and #12. We have yet to ski it, but it has a fairly long grade and looks like fun.
The wind is not that bad in the woods, the temperature is very reasonable, so it’s a great time to put your skis on some very good snow.
Our thanks to Dave, Ken, and their students (CTC) for helping us with the equipment so that we were able to get out and groom.
Jerry and Roger


Monday 12/12/2016 1st groom!

Jerry and I groomed the Pathway this morning. We had six inches of snow in most places and grooming went pretty well.  We would rate skiing conditions at 5 or 6 in the pines area (#1, #2, #3, #6, #7) near the Clam River end of the trail system. I skied this section and it went very well as there is a little less snow on this portion of the trail. We would bump skiing conditions up to 7 or 8 in the hardwood portion of the trail. Our groomer hit a few tree roots in this portion of the trail, but there are also some very good stretches of smooth well-defined track. There are a few places on the trail where the snow is a little yellow and that is a result of the warm earth under the snow. Those sections were not icy today.

We groomed the Neiss Bypass near #5, the Big Kahuna bypass near #8, and we went right by a new portion of trail between #12 and #8. It’s pretty much impossible to back up with our groomer, so we hope to get this new section next time. This new section was created by the DNR, Mr. Mackey and his students, and some volunteers. We created this new section because we had some heavy drifting problems that made it almost impossible to groom. It’s a fairly long downhill grade.
In case you are wondering, our first grooming report last year was on January 4th. Get out and enjoy the snow earlier this year. We generally groom weekdays when we have new snow and we believe grooming would improve skiing. We do not pick a particular day arbitrarily and we usually do not groom when school is not in session. An exception to the school in session practice can occur over the Christmas break as we have groomed during this break.
Our thanks to Dave Mackey and his students for their work on our equipment and for having things ready to go when we arrived this morning.
Jerry and Roger