Winter Sports Trail

Thursday January 11, 2018

UPDATE – With this heatwave and rain we are currently experiencing it is advised to PLEASE stay off the Winter Sports Trail until Saturday.  Deep divots from shoes/boots and deep ruts from fatbikes are not mendable without A LOT of new snow.

Lets preserve our base and make it enjoyable for all when the temperatures drop.


Tuesday January 9, 2018

Grooming Report #15 – Thank you Dave Scott for grooming the entire WST.   We smoothed out the footprints, snow drifts and tire marks before the heatwave. Rating the base 8 out of 10.

PLEASE watch tire pressure during this warm up. Leaving more then an inch rut either adjust your tire pressure or choose a different sport.

WALKERS – please use snowshoes ONLY during this heatwave. Deep divots take A LOT of snow to mend.


Monday January 8, 2018

UPDATE – even after two grooms on Sunday  the snow drift area was blown over by Monday   This section is very short on the four mile loop on the east side of Seeley Rd.

Fatbikers you may have to walk this.

Next groom scheduled for Tuesday night around 6pm.  Please try to stay off trail after the groom until Wednesday.

With warmer temps please be sure to watch tire pressures and footprints.  If you are leaving deep ruts – adjust your tire pressure.  If you are leaving divots from shoes – please wear  snowshoes.  Let’s keep the base enjoyable for all.

Sunday January 7, 2018

Grooming Report #14 – Thank you Erik Rogers for grooming the whole trail system on Sunday afternoon.  We had some snow drift sections that he made two swipes through.  An area we will be addressing in the future – potentially snow fences.  The snow is still very dry but we keep grooming to pack it in the best we can.  I would rate the conditions an 8 out of 10.

Get out and ride or snowshoe!

Thursday January 4, 2018

Grooming Report #13 – Thank you Dave Scott for braving the frigid temps to groom the entire trail system.

We had a good couple of inches of fresh snow that have now been packed in. We anticipate the results to be a nice firm base for weekend enjoyment !

Get out and enjoy!

Tuesday January 2, 2018

Grooming Report #12 – Erik Rogers groomed this evening.  We had a lot of fresh snow and snow drifts on the trail that were tackled this evening.  We are expecting conditions to be an 8 out of 10 today.  Next groom is scheduled for Thursday evening.

Saturday December 30, 2017

Grooming Report #11 – Scott and Mya Dunham groomed this afternoon.  The base is firm and excellent to ride.

Thursday December 28, 2017

Grooming Report #10 – Rob Millen and Michele Andrews ventured out this evening in 8 degree weather to groom up some super fine single track ! Come check out the results !

We re-routed one hill so that section will be soft until we groom it a few more times.

We also groomed last years two track near CTC. Thought that loop would be good for walkers

Monday December 25, 2017

Grooming Report #9 – Scott and Jared Dunham groomed the entire trail system on Christmas Day.  We received around 2-4 inches of dry snow and they spent their afternoon packing it in.  Our expectations with the colder temps will be that it will set up for nicely for your weekly enjoyment.  Next groom scheduled for Thursday at 5pm.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Friday December 22, 2017

Grooming Report #8 – Dave Scott headed out tonight to groom the whole trail for your weekend enjoyment !

A lot of moisture in the snow so it packed well. We are hoping the temps dropped low enough to set it up.

The ENTIRE 10ish miles is open and ready for your enjoyment !

LEAVE NO TRACE – If you are leaving divots from shoes PLEASE wear snowshoes.  Also watch tire pressure.  The perfect range is 3-5 psi but could go as low as 1-2 psi.  No tire ruts please.  With no new snow in our forecast it would take a long time to fill in holes and ruts.  PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Please watch your tire pressure and wear snowshoes if your footprint is leaving divots.

Monday December 18, 2017

Grooming Update #7 – Erik Rogers and Dave Scott (D2) attempted to groom the entire trail.  Our groomers leave from CTC and they had to abort the mission at Seeley Rd because our hitch broke.  Thankfully at a VERY convenient spot for us to drive and pick it up by vehicle.  (Since then our hitch has been repaired and improved – Thank you Rob Millen.)

The trails going from CTC to Seeley Rd are in great shape.  The have seen a groomer now 7 times and a nice base has developed.

The trails going from the main trailhead on Seeley Rd just north of Boon Rd are good when you head from parking lot and head counter clockwise to the Seeley Rd connector.  The remainder of the loop that is east of Seeley Rd has only seen a groomer one time (on Sunday when we opened it up) and therefore from the warm up temps we received is rideable but can be icy and rough in spots.  That section I am referring to lasts for 3 miles.

I have now ridden the entire loop and we have an official distance.  The total length is 10.2 miles which includes the CTC connector if you start from that end.  The loop going from the main trail head and staying east of Seeley  Rd (less hills) is 4 miles.  The loop once you cross Seeley Rd (more hills) adds on another 6 miles.

We hope to get more snow soon so we can groom for the weekend!  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in donating the grooming badge program to support the expenses of having two groomed trails consider buying a grooming badge today!  Check out website for details.

Thank you! Michele Andrews 🙂

Sunday December 17, 2017

Grooming Update #6 – Rob Millen, Scott Dunham and myself had a long day opening up all trails on the newly designed WST.

We have finally been able to open the complete loop that goes from the main trailhead at Boon and Seeley Road and stays east of Seeley Road.  This new section to create the loop will be soft since it only has been touched by a snowmobile and groomer one time.  We will continue to groom this section to keep improving its condition.

The base of the remaining parts of the trail that now have been groomed 6 times is firming up nicely.  It will only improve as we get some warmer temperatures.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Friday December 15, 2017

Grooming Update #5 – Kevin Andrews and myself groomed all loops west of Seeley Road and the same out and back connecting to the parking lot at Boon and Seeley Rd. The base is gradually firming up.  Still rate it a 5 out of 10.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Thursday December 14, 2017

Grooming Update #4 – Scott Dunham and myself went out and opened up a new section of the WST.  This new section has only been groomed once so it will take a few grooms for it to set up.  The new section opened up is the north end of the loop that goes from the trailhead at 13th and Crosby Rd to Seeley Rd.

The base that has had a few grooms is gradually firming up.  I would rate it a 5 out of 10.  Hopefully with warmer temps heading our way it will improve quickly.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Wednesday December 13, 2017

Grooming Update #3 – Eric Rogers and myself groomed again tonight.  With all the new snow we groomed the same 5 mile out and back.  The snow is not very packable but hoping it set up nicely over night.

Please watch your tire pressures to make sure you are not leaving ruts and please NO shoes on the trail.  ONLY snowshoes.  Shoes leave deep footprints that take forever to get rid of.  Let’s make the trail enjoyable for ALL!  Thank you.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Tuesday December 12, 2017

Grooming Update #2 – Erik Rogers and I are working hard to get the new WST groomed for enjoyment.

So far we have a nice 5 mile out and  back groomed connecting the main trailhead to CTC giving you a total of 10 miles to ride or snowshoe.

Bare with us as we will keep opening up new sections of the WST.  We hope by the end of Sunday we will have the complete loop open and groomed.

Our base is not firm enough yet so please watch your tire pressures on your fat bikes and please NO shoes on the trail – only snowshoes.  Shoes leave deep ruts that take forever to get rid of.

Thank you – Michele Andrews

Monday December 11, 2017

Grooming Update #1 – Eric Rogers and myself went out and drove the snowmobile ONLY from the CTC to the parking lot and back.  Doing the first pack down of all the fresh new snow we have received.  We will continue to groom to open all of the WST.  Stay tuned.

Thank you – Michele

Saturday 3/4/2017

Thank you to Kevin Andrews for doing his best to get you a groomed trail for the weekend. Starting from the main trailhead for the first 2 miles the trail is NOT groomed but rideable. After the 2 mile mark it is groomed all the way to CTC side. There were many down limbs and a lot clean up that had to be done last night. He was out there for almost 4 hours. Thank you for your best efforts last night Kevin in the single digit temps. Get out and enjoy the hard work he put in.

Also SUPPORT your groomed trails by making a donation to our Grooming Badge Supporter Program. Click Donate on the website today!

Thursday 2/16/2017

Thank you to Scott and Mya Dunham for packing down the new snow we received on Tuesday night. We received between 2-4 inches. The trail is in great shape.

With the warmer temps heading our way I would imagine the use of the trail should be done in the early hours.

If trail gets too soft please refrain from using. Let’s protect our base for future use.

Support your groomed trails by donating to the Groomer Badge Program. Check out website for details.

Monday 2/13/2017

Thank you to Erik Rogers for heading out on Monday night and grooming. Was able to smooth out the footprints and a small section where we had a snow drift. Trail was firm and fast for Tuesday 2/14/2017.

As of 7:30pm on 2/14/2017 we have received about 2 inches of new snow and it is still snowing. Stay tuned for further updates.

Saturday 2/4/2017

Thank you to Dave Scott and Erik Rogers for braving the frigid temps last night to groom the WST.  The conditions should be picture perfect for you today.  Get out and enjoy!

Support your groomed trails by donating to the Grooming Supporter Badge Program.  See website for details.

Tuesday 1/31/2017

Thank you to Scott Lint and Michele Andrews groomed the WST last night.  Smoothing out the foot prints and the little snow we received since our last groom.  However since we groomed it has snowed an additional inch over night.  It should of set up well over night so get out and enjoy. 
Enjoying your two groomed trails?  Consider donating to the Groomer Supporter Badge Program.  Check out the website for details.  

  Sunday 1/29/2017

Thank you Erik Rogers who headed out last night and groomed the trail for all of us. We received another 2 inches of snow since our groom on Friday night. He took extra time last night to not only compact the new snow but to improve our corners from all that wet heavy snow we received earlier this week. Two tracks are improving everyday and the downhill’s should be fast.

Please keep in mind, we love users to stop and take photos, but to be aware of foot traffic on certain areas creating very rough spots.

Reminder to our walkers – if your foot prints are leaving divet’s we advise you to wear snowshoes.

Reminder to fat bikers – if you tires are leaving more then 1/2 inch of a rut then we advise you to lower your tire pressure.

Let’s keep the trail as smooth as possible for enjoyment by all users!

Support your groomed trails by donating to the Groomer Badge Program – 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to the expenses of maintaining these trails.

Friday 1/27/2017 #2

It was date night for Kevin and Michele Andrews.  What did they decide to do?  Well they decided to groom the WST to make it nice and pretty for all the weekend traffic.

We now have had two successful grooms since our recent snowfall of 4-6 inches of snow.  It should set up well over night and be in tip top shape for the weekend.

Get out and enjoy!  Also don’t forgot to buy your grooming badge – 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of it goes directly to the Cadillac Pathway grooming efforts.  Check out the website for further details.

Friday 1/27/2017

Rob Millen and Michele Andrews groomed the WST last night. It was definitely a challenge with all the wet heavy snow we received (4-6 inches). With the colder temps last night it should of set up well. You may encounter some snow clumps here and there. We hope to groom again tonight to smooth out the clumps.

Remember to watch your tire pressure. If you are sinking more then 1/2 inch you have too much air in your tires. We don’t want to leave ruts or deep footprints. With the colder temps heading our way those will freeze and we DON’T want that.

Get out and enjoy!

Remember to support your grooming efforts by purchasing a Grooming Badge Today. #cadillacpathwaygroomingbadge.

Thursday 1/19/2017

Unfortunately the weatherman’s forecast has been correct and we have warm weather now and for the next several days.  Also the snow is saturated from the last rain.  Conditions are soft and we continue to advise you to stay off the trail.  By using the trail under these conditions would create deep foot prints and/or tire ruts that would be impossible to remove until we received another snowstorm of more then 8 inches.

Also I want to remind everyone that we have permission to use the WST under a Use Permit with the DNR.  We are allowed to be on the trail as long as we have snow.  If we lose our base and we are down to dirt we ARE NOT ALLOWED to be on the trail.  Please adhere to this to ensure a good working relationship with the DNR and for future use of this trail.

Wednesday 1/18/2017

Mother Nature is not cooperating with us winter enthusiasts.  Due to warm weather and rain that we received we advise all users to stay off the Winter Sports Trail.  If we leave deep ruts from shoes, snowshoes or fat tires it would take a winter storm of 6 inches plus to mend those holes and ruts.  Let’s retain what base we have left during this warm spell so we can enjoy the trail for weeks to come.  Now go do a snow dance! 🙂

Saturday 1/14/2017

Thank you to our volunteers Scott and Mya Dunham for grooming Friday night. We had some new snow laying on the trail from the last groom.

Despite the warmer weather and rain we had this week we have a good to excellent firm base.

Remember to support your groomed trails by buying/donating to a grooming badge. Check out website for more details.

Thursday 1/12/2017

WST Grooming Update 1/12/2017 – The Winter Sports Trail was groomed last night by Erik Rogers and Dave Scott.  They were able to groom the entire trail system.  The result is a firm base that should of set up over night.  Get out and enjoy. 
Remember – Grand Opening this coming Sunday from 11am to 1pm.  Mclain’s will be there with demo fat bikes.  Fat biking not your thing….well we now have a trail for you whether you are fat biker, xc skier, snowshoer, trail runner, dog lover.  Get out and enjoy!
Support the grooming efforts by donating to the Grooming Badge Supporter Program.  Charitable contribution that 100% of your donation goes directly to the expense of a groomed trail system. 

Wednesday 1/11/2017

The WST was groomed from CTC to Seeley Rd by Rob Millen at 3am this morning.  Results was a good base that should set up well with the current temps.  We will attempt another groom tonight to groom the whole trail system.  Stay tuned for more details.

Sunday 1/8/2017

Received another inch of new snow after we groomed on Saturday afternoon so we headed out this evening for another go around.  The result equals an excellent firm base.   Thanks to Erik Rogers and Scott Dunham for leading the forces today.  The ENTIRE trail is in excellent shape with a firm base.

REMINDER – Grand Opening Sunday 1/15/2017 from 11 am to 1pm.  McLain Cycle and Fitness will be there in force with demo bikes and staff to answer all your questions.  We will also have a bonfire, snacks and refreshments.  New equipment purchased for the entire Cadillac Pathway will be on display.

Saturday 1/7/2017

We have received a couple inches or so over the last couple of days.  Scott Lint and Michele Andrews braved the frigid temps and groomed the Winter Sports Trail last night.  We kept stopping to check the base and it was firming up nicely.  Winter Sports Trail should be in excellent shape this weekend.

The Cadillac Pathway Committee knew that we would have some hiccups this first year and we definitely have ONE….that was not thought of.  The 3 small sections of two track that we have on the route are open to motorized traffic which we didn’t think was a big deal from snow shoe, trail runner or fat biker perspective.   What was not anticipated was on 12/26 when the temps were in the 40’s and we had some rain that vehicles would drive on the two tracks creating a sloppy slush mess that froze the next day.  We will definitely be tweaking the route for next year however for this year we just have to deal with it because that is the trail that is authorized for us to use by the MDNR.

GOOD NEWS, Rob Millen, has spent a good deal of time out there with a drag and his mid-size truck to break down and smooth out the mess and the results are looking very promising.  We will continue to work these sections and hopefully received a good winter storm soon to have mother nature correct the problem.  I would rate the 2 track sections a 5 out of 10…they are definitely rideable!

Remember you can always start from the CTC side or the main trailhead side.

Questions please feel free to email us at


Friday 1/6/2017

Happy New Year from the Cadillac Pathway Committee.  As you can see we have not groomed in a week due to the warmer temps we had and it simply didn’t need it.  We did receive about an inch or so the other day of lake effect snow (dry snow).  We hope to get out and do a groom before the weekend but the temps are wicked cold and I would like our groomers to keep their fingers, face and toes.  Some of the committee road the trail yesterday and it is definitely useable for all activities (Fat Biking, Snowshoeing, Trail Running, etc.).   So bundle up, open those heater packs and get out and enjoy this sunshine we have today.  See you on the trails!

Friday 12/30/2016

The Trail was groomed this morning by Erik Rogers after the overnight snowfall.  We received between 1-2 inches.
During the warm up this past Monday and vehicles getting on the two tracks from the main trailhead to Seeley Rd made conditions not very favorable.  With this new snow and today’s groom we are trying to mend the problem.  We are also looking for alternative routes to get us off these two tracks and also at the same time adhere to the DNR regulations.  This section of the trail is in fair shape.   
Once you cross Seeley Rd and head west to the CTC the trail is in EXCELLENT shape.
This is a learning year for us….so bare with us as we work out the kinks. 
I recommend starting from CTC side to ride.  Get out and ride! The more traffic the better it will be!!!
Thank you Erik Rogers for grooming this morning!

Wednesday 12/28/2016

Just wanted to post an update on the WST since the warmer temps that we had on Monday the 26th.  The trailhead which starts off on two tracks for 1/2 mile (where vehicles are allowed) is ride-able with care and caution however not very pleasant.  Basically a vehicle drove on this section when it was warm.  Created a slushy sloppy mess and then that mess froze.  The other two track sections that are east of Seeley Rd are okay and ride-able.  Not the most pleasant but ride-able.

From Seeley Rd heading west the trail is in great shape.  We maintained our base during the warm up and the little bit of snow we got on Tuesday made riding today very enjoyable.

Currently the trail was groomed last on Friday 12/23.  As soon as we receive a few more inches we will groom again.

The Cadillac Pathway committee knew we would have hiccups our first year and we are putting our heads together to figure out what we can do to make these couple of sections enjoyable again.  Testing some things out tomorrow.

If you are itching to get out I would recommend starting from the CTC side of the trail.  This is located on the curve of 13th and Crosby Streets.  You can get in a good 10 miles going from CTC out to Seeley Rd and back and it truly is in great shape.

Any questions please feel free to email us at

Friday 12/23/2016

We received a good 6 inches over night and thankfully Erik Rogers left his morning cup of coffee when he discovered this and headed out to groom the trail to make it spectacular.  It set up quickly and several people were out enjoying the trail on Friday as well as the rest of the weekend.  Thank you Erik!!

Thursday 12/22/2016

Erik Rogers and Michele Andrews groomed at 7pm the Winter Sports Trail.  With the warmer conditions it allowed us to set up a nice firm base.  Riding over the next couple of days should be excellent.

We also put up about 80% of the signs.  Still working on getting them up.  Even though they are not all up you should have no problem finding the route.

Tuesday 12/20/2016

Rob Millen and Kevin Andrews groomed on Tuesday night.  It has firmed up very nicely over night.  Get out and enjoy.  Post updates and pictures on FB when you can.

Next groom scheduled for Thursday night along with putting up the signs.

Sunday 12/18/2016

Saturday night 12/17 Erik Rogers and Kevin Andrews groomed the trail system with the roller only.

Sunday morning 12/18 Erik Rogers and Michele Andrews groomed the trail system with the roller and drag pan.  Appears we are starting to create a firmer base but still needs time to set up.  If you are leaving divets please consider lowering your tire pressure on your bikes or wearing snowshoes.

It is gorgeous out there with all the new snow fall laying on the trees.

 Tuesday 12/13/2016

Rob Millen and Michele Andrews took the new snowmobile and the roller weighed down with 50 pounds of weights.  Our mission tonight was to see how the snowmobile would handle the new groomer on the new WST trail along with packing down the snow.

Bryce Ropp and Dave Mackey did an excellent job because we almost didn’t feel it on the back.  It rolled very smoothly behind the snowmobile and no swaying.  Handled the turns like a charm.

Our next groom we will take the drag pan with us to smooth it out.

We are still trying to create a nice firm base.  We need more snow to do this.  Hopefully after the weekend we have more snow that we will go out again and keep packing it down.

Last night the conditions were too soft to ride.  Hoping after the cold temps from last night and today it will start to firm up.

The trail is still not marked yet besides the pink tape that we used that goes through the woods.  Signs should be produced and up on the trail within a week.

Monday 12/12/2016

Erik Rogers and Michele Andrews did the first test groom/pack down of the new Winter Sports Trail with the new snowmobile.  The snowmobile works like a charm.  Has nice heated handlebars, reverse and super powerful.  We are working out the bugs with the new trail.  Every time we go out it will get better and better.

Today’s effort was to just test out the sled and make sure it could handle the tight turns of which it did for the majority of the trail.  Tomorrow we will attempt to go out with the Winter Sports Trail groomer.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you once again to Steve Murad with Yamaha, Jim Faiella with Peacock LTD, Dave Mackey with CTC, Kenny Hambright with CTC, the students of CTC, MDNR, Rotary Club of Cadillac and NMMBA.  You all are awesome!!  None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for you all.  Cadillac is surrounded by wonderful people who care.