Polar Bear Epic Race Series- READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

Finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived, the unveiling of the Polar Bear Epic Race Series! So grab your calendars and pencils boys and girls because we’ve got the details out for you!

The Important Stuff:
First off each of these races are on Friday evenings and are going to be hosted at the main Cadillac Pathway Winter Sports Trail (WST), trailhead (Seeley Rd just north of Boon Rd). All of these competitions will begin at 6pm.

Even though the race series is FREE we would still like you to sign up via the link below.  Day of registration will end at 5:45pm.  We will have a race briefly at 5:45pm for all racers.  Please show up by 5:30 if at all possible.

Race #1: Friday 01/05/2018
Race #2: Friday 01/19/2018
Race #3: Friday 02/02/2018
Race #4: Friday 02/16/2018

The Race:
Each race will be 2 laps winding through part of our newly redesigned WST.  Each lap is 4 miles long with approximately 200 feet elevation change for each lap.  The race will take place on the loop that is east of Seeley Rd.  Check out the website for the map of the newly re-designed WST.

The trail will be a tighter singletrack so we have opted out of having heats or a large send offs for racers. Instead we are going to be hosting this similar to a time trial style where racers will be released onto the trail one at a time. These time increments between racers will range between 30 seconds to a minute depending on the amount of racers.

A Strava segment has been created for the race loop.  If you want a good position for the race you will have to first ride the course prior to race day.  Based on Strava times is how we will position the racer release.  Please note to race we do require that you use Strava!  https://www.strava.com/

In addition, the first race we will be running the race in a counterclockwise direction, clockwise for the second race, counterclockwise for the third race, and clockwise for the fourth race.

Racer Divisions:

Men 19 to 44
Men Master 45+
Women 19 to 44
Men Master 45+
Juniors-Men 18 and under
Juniors-Women 18 under

Canceling and Scheduling Issues:
If the trail is not in good condition then we will cancel. We will also cancel if the weather is not agreeing with us or if some other unforeseeable event were to occur. Either way we will make the call by noon on Friday (race day) so keep your eye on social media before you leave for the race.

Rules and Regulations:
Fatbikes must have tires that are 3.8” width or wider. In order to race you must have fully functioning head light and we strongly encourage having a tail light. You must use Strava and have a helmet. In addition you may not use headphones during the races. Also, were not setting a minimum amount of races that you must do to qualify for overall placing in your divisions, however if you race all four races we will take the best 3 out of 4 placings to calculate your points.

The Point System:
The race series will place racers in a overall leaderboard which positions racers based on how many points they’ve earned in the series. Points are earned based on where they place in each individual race.

1 – 20 points
2 – 19 points
3 – 18 points
4 – 17 points
5 – 16 points
6 – 15 points
7 – 14 points
8 – 13 points
9 – 12 points
10 – 11 points
11 – 10 points
12 – 9 points
13 – 8 points
14 – 7 points
15 – 6 points
16 – 5 points
17 – 4 points
18 – 3 points
19 – 2 points
20 – 1 point

After The Race?
We’ll keep a fire going for all racers and spectators at the end of the race. Bring what food and beverages you want just make sure to clean up after yourself if your planning on staying for a bit. Also, might want to bring a chair.


Please visit the follow link to sign up for these FREE events.


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